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What is prison gerrymandering, and what's being done about it in Pennsylvania?

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 09:00:00 PM
35 organizations sent a letter calling on the legislative reapportionment to fix it and draw boundaries counting temporary inmates as residents of their ...

A big night for Clyburn and Trump

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 04:41:15 PM
... last general election and which, because Ohio lost one seat in the new reapportionment, will fail to exist in their present form for the 2022 midterms?

SADOW: Might As Well Forget About That 2nd Democrat District

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 02:15:00 PM
In a couple of weeks the federal government will release 2020 census data, setting states on course for reapportionment. But if as a result you're a ...


Wednesday August 4th, 2021 01:59:28 PM
The Reapportionment and Redistricting Hearings sponsored by the Georgia General Assembly are over. The last was held July 30th in a Virtual ...

Joint reapportionment committee moves hearing data – again

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 09:00:00 AM
After a cancellation, a delay and a rescheduling, the Georgia House and Senate Reapportionment committee has changed the date for the ...

Map quest

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 05:03:45 AM
Republican leaders won't produce the only electoral maps this year because an independent redistricting commission has made reapportionment ...

Our View: City, Park on same page re: redistricting

Tuesday August 3rd, 2021 11:03:45 PM
The commission resulted from a voter-approved ballot initiative in 2018, removing the power of reapportionment from the state Legislature — which all ...

Augusta Redistricting Meeting Moved Up to Aug. 11

Saturday July 31st, 2021 01:30:00 PM
The House and Senate Reapportionment Committees will hold a town hall meeting in Augusta on Wednesday, Aug. 11 from 5 – 7 p.m. The date was ...

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Public hearing on redistricting maps to be held Friday, August 6 e

Thursday August 5th, 2021 02:03:45 AM
SAN LUIS VALLEY — The Independent Redistricting Commission, which is ultimately responsible for drawing new voting districts throughout the state, ...

Lawmakers say more redistricting town halls are coming to Kansas, amid controversy

Thursday August 5th, 2021 12:45:00 AM
TOPEKA, (KSNT) — Redistricting town hall meetings in Kansas kick off next week, but leaders of the state's redistricting committee said that's just the ...

Redistricting committee continues public hearings with events in Beckley and Summersville

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 11:59:00 PM
The West Virginia Legislature's Joint Committee on Redistricting continued its series of public hearings on new congressional and legislative ...

Community split on where Summit County should land in congressional district map

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 11:26:15 PM
Frisco Mayor Hunter Mortensen speaks during a community hearing with the Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions on Saturday, July 31, ...

Redistricting meeting provides info on legislative districts

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 09:33:45 PM
All of the figures and maps displayed Tuesday night used 2019 population estimates. The actual redistricting plans will use figures from the 2020 U.S. ...

In Cincinnati, Community Members Learn About Redistricting Maps

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 09:22:30 PM
Then they'll submit the maps to the Ohio Redistricting Commission before it votes on new congressional and state legislative district maps later this ...

Redistricting Retains Ideology

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 09:11:15 PM
... be a main consideration for an independent, bipartisan body, yet this seems to be the case for the Santa Barbara County Redistricting Commission.

Kansas Redistricting Already Excludes Democratic Party Leaders

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 09:00:00 PM
Kansas Democrats and voter advocacy groups are criticizing the Republican-led redistricting process and the scheduling of 14 town hall meetings ...

Letter to the editor: Lack of courage shown at redistricting meeting

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 08:26:15 PM
I watched the meeting regarding redistricting on Zoom Saturday night and was very disappointed. It is quite apparent that, as in every recent election, ...

Redistricting Commission to hold its first public hearing in Graham County

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 08:24:32 PM
Jon Johnson File Photo/Gila Herald: The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission meeting will take place at the General Services Building ...

Colorado independent redistricting commission meets in Aurora

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 08:15:00 PM
On July 28, a joint meeting of the Independent Colorado Congressional and Legislative Redistricting Commissions met at Aurora Community College ...

Florida Democrats say federal elections bill is only option to fight gerrymandering

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 07:41:15 PM
The bill does more than change the redistricting process. It sets national voting standards, changes the composition of the Federal Elections ...

Senate redistricting committee asked to include all of Darlington County in one Senate district

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 07:18:45 PM
One Hartsville resident asked the South Carolina Senate redistricting subcommittee to consider that in the redistricting scheduled for later this year.

2021 marks Colorado's first experience with non-partisan redistricting

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 06:46:38 PM
Redistricting is the term that describes the process that occurs everywhere in the United States every ten years after the U.S. Census, which is required ...

Alabama State Naacp calls for public participating in redistricting trainings

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 06:36:09 PM
The Redistricting process is used to redraw the lines and boundaries of electoral districts within the state of Alabama. Anyone may participate! Interested ...

Who will win and lose in RI's redistricting?

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 06:33:45 PM
Redistricting is a kind of political blood sport, a way that legislative leaders can reward friends, punish enemies, and try to keep rising constituencies at ...

Public meetings about redistricting in Indiana to begin Friday

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 06:31:30 PM
Indiana lawmakers are hosting several public meetings on redrawing the lines for the U.S. House and Indiana legislative districts. A total of nine ...

Committee named to redraw Sumner County's districts

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 05:26:15 PM
The Sumner County Commission created a redistricting committee during its July 19 meeting, although not without significant debate. The redistricting ...

St. Mary's redistricting board meets for first time; selects chair, vice chair

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 05:15:00 PM
A new St. Mary's redistricting board met for the first time on Aug. 3. Richard Johnson and Matthew Burgan were chosen as chair and vice chair. Burgan ...

Redistricting: A Guide for the GIS Community - New Publication from URISA

Wednesday August 4th, 2021 04:52:30 PM
In support of the many redistricting efforts that are about to begin nationwide by the various state and local governments, the Urban & Regional ...